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Announcing PHS 2020 Annual Report



How exactly does one try to summarize 2020?

We might use words like unprecedented, relentless or heartbreaking. But the word we chose for the report’s title was TOGETHER.

This year has re-awakened us to the power of community, and not just as something we are yearning for after the pandemic, but as the precious connections at the heart of our mission. We have witnessed that God’s light, reflected in acts of love, is most brilliant in times of darkness. We have persevered together and through the Holy Spirit we have accomplished so much more than we would have thought possible.

We dedicated this year’s report to those we lost to the COVID pandemic and to all those who helped us to live together in the presence of God’s love despite the pain of this year.

In 2020, our 65th year of ministry, we saw our team grow to 7,192 employees and along with 3,833 volunteers and nearly 3,000 donors, we made a difference in the lives of 26,079 older adults.

Throughout 2020 we witnessed the power of the Holy Spirit moving through staff, volunteers, neighbors, family members and seemingly total strangers. We were truly surrounded by angels. As the vaccine rollout and reduction in cases give us new signs of hope, we are truly grateful for our many partners in this ministry. Lord willing, we look forward to coming out of this pandemic stronger than ever.

Read on to discover many more highlights in the 2020 Annual Report.

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